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Need a speaker for your upcoming event?

David Clark offers several popular college planning programs designed to inform and empower students and parents. Programs available include:

  • Take the Mystery Out of College Admissions
    De-mystify how every college admissions office makes decisions.
  • Become a Savvy College Consumer
    Helpful strategies for the college search.
  • Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know About College Financial Aid
    Tips on financial aid, paying for college and planning for those college tuition bills.

Feedback on Mr. Clark's programs

"Good info...easy to follow."

"Carefully structured program."

"Great explanation of options."

"Not a sales pitch."

"Mr. Clark has a clear love for the topic."

"I liked the value-added approach."

"I appreciated how Mr. Clark took apart a typical college application folder, item by item."

"It was easy to ask questions."

Schedule a program for your next event:
Contact David W. Clark, by email at:


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