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Satisfied Clients

Satisfied clients speak about David Clark and College Search Now:

“Mr. Clark’s knowledgeable support and clear game plan was a reassurance to us throughout the three years we worked with him.”

Father of student at a public high school (class of 2021)

“Our whole family benefits from your no-nonsense approach and warm support.”

Mother of an independent school student (class of 2020)

“The college application road map you constructed with my daughter worked perfectly.”

Parent with a daughter (class of 2019)

“You helped bring order and focus out of confusion in my son’s work on his application essays.”

Parent with a son (class of 2018)

“Mr. Clark’s honesty is a real strength.”

Parent of a high school senior (class of 2017)

“Mr. Clark did an excellent job of clarifying and prioritizing the college search process for all of us.”

Parent of a high school senior (class of 2017)

“…Mr. Clark was able to focus our son on what he needed to do, taking away stress on the entire family.”

Mother of a senior, class of 2016

“…working with Mr. Clark is like working with an insider in a college admissions office.”

Father of a senior, class of 2015

“…the list of colleges for application you constructed fit our son perfectly!”

Parents of a senior, class of 2014

“…your strategy of applying early decision made a difference. He is so excited and was one of the first kids in his class to get accepted.”

Mother of a senior, class of 2013

“…we couldn’t have done it without you…the parents are thrilled.”

Tutor, regarding a client referred to David Clark, class of 2012

“…thank you for the personal and individual attention I needed, and my daughter needed.”

Mother of a Senior, class of 2011

“…to be honest, I didn’t need David’s help getting into college, it was in finding ways to pay for college that he really helped me.”

Senior, class of 2010

Comments about my "Take the Mystery out of College Admissions Decisions" workshop for parents and students.

“I felt like I was getting college planning tips from an insider.”

“Mr. Clark was down-to-earth and humorous.”

“Don’t change a thing…well done.”

“Clear & transparent answers to questions.”

“I would have liked more on financial aid options.”

“I already knew much of it, but you filled in the gaps for me.”

“Thank you for tips on how to prepare the applicaton essay.”

“You de-mystified the college search process for us.”

Please note: The comments quoted above have been taken from unsigned evaluations completed at the end of our workshops.

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