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Mark your calendar!

College Search Now offers complimentary college search planning evening programs for college bound high school students and their parents:

Take the mystery out of college admissions decisions
6:30pm on October 4, 2022
Aledo Community Center

Reservations? Questions?
Call Mr Clark at 610-304-7119


Parents of college bound students should know:

  • A teenaged student is “pushing away” at the very time when caring and competent adult support is needed.
  • This is a time when conflict and pressures can stress an entire family.
  • The college search process should help identify a young person’s skills and passion.

From my time as a student at Harvard, through  my tenure as an Admission Director at a main line independent school, to my work with public school Gifted students my goal has always been to bring all my clients a passion for learning and an instinct for growth.

The right educational choice can make the difference of a lifetime.

Not sure hiring a College Admissions Consultant is the right choice for you?
This recent NY Times article may be of interest to you.

Introductory consultations are currently being scheduled!

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David Clark is a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association

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Our mobile app, "College Planning A-Z", is a handy tool which features tips and information for college-bound high school students. Users have found it helpful over 100 downloads already! Download the app from here on your Android phone.

Disclaimer: College Search Now makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, of placement of a client in a designated college /university nor of a specified change in a client’s test results. College Search Now does not accept referral fees from colleges / universities.

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